Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Which order is best -- or should I try them all?

This posting celebrates a new poetry collection -- 
Ringing the Changes by Stephanie Strickland 
(Counterpath, 2020).
This new collection starts with an idea from bell-ringing.  Some city towers have marvelous-sounding bells -- and sometimes these bells ring wonderful concerts for nearby inhabitants.  One of the traditional bell-ringing activities is called "ringing the changes" in which a collection of n bells are rung, in sequence, in all of the possible n-factorial bell-orders.  (Here, at Strickland's website, are some links to information about the art of bell-ringing.)

BUT, what if the goal were not to ring bells in sequence 
but to generate (for a reader) sequences of words (thoughtful poetic phrases)?
This sort of art is what Strickland brings to us in Ringing the Changes.

You may introduce yourself to what's offered in Ringing the Changes with an online experience -- Liberty Ring!, at Strickland's website, offers samples of phrases to read in various orders. Each click on the Liberty Bell brings a cycle of seven statements to be read -- and it's such fun to see phrases find new meanings when presented in new contexts.

A sample arrangement is shown in this screen-shot:
from LIBERTY RING! -- one sequence of phrases

To purchase and enjoy (I love the experience of reading it!) Strickland's collection, Ringing the Changes, you may follow this link.   And this link leads to a schedule of Strickland's upcoming readings -- check to see when she will be "ringing the changes" in your neighborhood.  For those who live near me in the Washington, DC area, there will be the reading on Monday, September 14, 2020 at 7 PM at The Writer's Center.
For other postings in this blog that feature work by Strickland, follow this link.

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