Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Celebrate the Journal of Humanistic Mathematics

     Recently Vol.10, No.2 of the online Journal of Humanistic Mathematics has become available online.  This issue is a "Special Issue on Creativity in Mathematics" and the richly varied Table of Contents is available at this link.

Seven of the articles feature poetry with links to mathematics; these are:
     Poetry Folder:     Mental Logic: Two Poems     by Ashley Delvento
                           Natural by Design     by Craig Steele
     Poetry:         four seasons (haikus)     by Stephen Luecking
                    Dear Arithmetic     by Mary Soon Lee
                    Galileo's Verse     by Bruce F. McGuffin
                    Hexagons     by Barbara Quick
                    Changes and Deltas     by Jim Wolper

And here are a couple of samples: 

          Gridlife     by Craig Steele
                    who invented
                    Cartesian coordinates?
                    wild flies, of course,
                    free spirits roaming rampant
                    within our gridded lives

And, as we move toward the end of summer, here is an autumn haiku by Stephen Leucking:  
                            fractals vein the leaves
                            swirling in random descent
                            autumn winds howling

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