Monday, August 3, 2020

Point of Inflection -- and the coronavirus

     In the UK, the Radical Statistics Group describes itself as "using statistics to support progressive social change."  The June 2020 issue of their Journal -- Issue 126  -- is a "Coronavirus Special Issue" and it contains a poem by Texas professor-poet Lawrence Lesser.  Here are the opening stanzas.

     The Point of Inflection       by Lawrence M. Lesser

     The point of inflection
     is where towering terror of
     cumulative cases
     slows its rise.   

     The point of inflection
     of that logistic curve
     depends on logistics
     of testing, tracing,
     and distance.
              . . .

The rest of "The Point of Inflection" is available here.  And this link leads to previous postings of Lesser's work in this blog.

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