Tuesday, September 29, 2020

TalkingWriting with Mathematics

     TalkingWriting is an online journal that's celebrating its 10th birthday -- TEN YEARS of including mathematics in its mix of poetry.  This mathy connection has grown strong through the poetry editorship of Carol Dorf, poet and retired math teacher.  In this anniversary issue, poems are paired with works of visual art and the effect is stunning; from it,  I offer below samples of poems by Amy Uyematsu and by me.      
      Amy Uyematsu's poem "Lunes During This Pandemic"  thoughtfully applies the counting structure of the "lune" (aka "American Haiku") with three-line stanzas of 3/5/3 words per line.

from:  Lunes During This Pandemic     by Amy Uyematsu

       Cloudless blue sky
       with no evidence of virus —
       a beguiling view

       A senior checklist —
       mask, gloves, glasses, wipes for
       everything you touch

       Are you okay?
       we ask over and over
       unable to hug
                                                                   For the rest of this poem go here.


My poem plays with sounds and meanings of math-words:

from:     Musings From a Math Woman       by JoAnne Growney

     Topological equivalence is the bond we share
     in this neighborhood where nothing's square
     and zero know serenity with our group's identity.      
For the rest of this poem go here.   

AND  . . . .       for lots and lots more math-poetry fun, visit the TalkingWriting website and do a SEARCH using "mathematics" and discover a host of delights!

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