Friday, June 25, 2021

One More Love Poem

     Expressing love with mathematical terminology is beautifully done in "One More Love Poem" by  Dunya Mikhail  -- this poem was offered by in their poem-a-day feature on April 2, 2021 and it deserves to be widely shared.

One More Love Poem     by Dunya Mikhail

       If I had one more day
       I would write a love poem
       composed of one word
       repeated like binary code.

       I’ll multiply it by the number
       of days that passed
       without saying it to you
       and I’ll add the days   

       when I said it with no words
       because I want to say it
       more. And like a bee
       gathering pollen, I’ll collect

       everything ever said
       in one word like a square root
       multiplied by the power of ten.
       I’ll count even that day

       when my anger at you
       or for you turned me into
       a stone, and also the days
       when I was away

       sending my songs like
       postcards to the lonely,
       feeling you in every touch
       of love I gave to the world.

       I’ll count all my days,
       even the nine months of days
       before I was born, to say  
       this exponential, growing “I love you.”    

Mathy poems by Mikhail also have been featured in earlier blog posts; here's a link.

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