Friday, January 6, 2023

AMS 2023 Math-Poetry Contest Winners

     This week, January 4-7, in Boston MA, more than a dozen national mathematics organizations are holding national meetings -- at a conference called the Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM).  This gathering includes a math-art exhibit and the celebration of winning poems in an math-poetry contest for students (sponsored by AMS, the American Mathematical Society).  The picture below is a portion of a poster that celebrates and publicizes the winning poems,  (The complete poems are available here at the AMS website.)

This is the top section of a poster of AMS 2023 winning mathy poems.

The 2023 Math Poetry winners are:

     In the college-university student category, River Oxenrider from Ohio State won top honor with his poem, "Infinity." 

     In the high school category, Angela Zhou from International Academy East won with "Sum of Us."

     In the middle school category, Miranda Jedlinski of the Arthur and Polly Mays Conservatory for the Arts, won with her poem, "Forest of Numbers."

     These winning poems are included on the AMS website at this link -- and a poster containing all three will soon be available at this link.

     I close with a sample -- the opening lines of Miranda Jedlinski's poem, "Forest of Numbers."

          As I walk in the forest it's so dark,
          But as I switched on the light it caused a spark.
          Numbers and variables floating away.
          Oh, I wonder, what shall I learn today?                         Read more here.

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