Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Poetry in Politics

      Numerical or alphabetical constraints often are used by writers to add shape and impact to their writing -- and such was the case in a recent speech by Hakeem Jeffries, New York Congressman and Democratic leader of the House of Representatives as he spoke on January 7 ;  Jeffries' speech went through the alphabet -- poetically directing his colleagues toward American Values instead of Autocracy, Benevolence over Bigotry . . . . all the way to Zealous Representation over Zero Sum Confrontation.  A wonderful illustration of the value of constraints in shaping ideas!

Create an abecedarian poem of your own: 
perhaps for a Valentine --
or to celebrate the coming of spring!

Here is a link to previous instances of abecedarian in this blog -- and below is a sample, my  abecedarian portrait of a mathematician.

        I know a mathematician . . .     by JoAnne Growney  

        always busy
        counting, doubting
        every figured guess,
        haply idling,
        juggling, knowing
        logic, measure, n-dimensions,

        playful quests,
        resolutely seeking theorems,
        unknowns vanish :
        wrong xs, ys -- zapped.  

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