Thursday, October 5, 2023

Sunflower Swirls

     From Sharon Jones at Connell Co-op College in Manchester, UK, I have learned about National Poetry Day -- an event organised by Forward Arts Foundation and held on the first Thursday of October -- an annual celebration encouraging everyone to make, experience, and share poetry with family and friends.  Today, October 5, I celebrate the day by offering one of Sharon Jones' poems.

Turing's Sunflowers       by Sharon Jones

I am perplexed by mathematics.
The numbers and patterns make no sense to me.
I am transfixed by the yellow blaze of sunflowers.
Like you.

Flummoxed by Fibonacci
Those swirling optics
Creating precise numbers
In seeds
Those flowing spirals of golden sparks

In Mancunian spaces
Of urban regeneration
Your enigmatic genius


This poem is part of a poetry pamphlet by Sharon Jones entitled Turing's Sunflowers'  -- published 5th October 2023 in celebration of National Poetry Day.  It also will be republished on June 23, 2024,  which will be Alan Turing's 112th birthday.   Connect to Sharon Jones at  

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More about growing Alan Turing's legacy via Turing Sunflower projects is available here 

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