Monday, October 23, 2023

Zero Man of India

     An interesting story that Google led me to is told in this article about "Zero Man of India" --  the article tells of  Shahbaz Khan, famously known as Shahbaz Hakbari, a multifaceted individual with talent in poetry, prose, mathematics, and education -- well-educated AND he he is a widely celebrated teacher.

"Mathematics and poetry may seem like two different worlds, but both require creativity, imagination, and thinking outside the box," Shahbaz Khan explained.

The article "Zero Man of India" contains many mentions of Khan/Hakbari's life as a poet -- but has no poems.  Nonetheless, the phrases quoted are poetic -- and, below, I have given two of them the shapes of  poems.

Every entity in this universe 
lies between zero and one, 
and it is fascinating 
to explore the possibilities 
within this range.

                Mathematics and poetry may seem
                like different worlds, but both require 
                creativity, imagination, and 
                thinking outside the box.   
            (words by Shahbaz Hakbari)

To learn more about "Zero Man of India" -- visit this site

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