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Many accessible MATHY POEMS -- from BRIDGES

      One of the wonderful supporters of connections between mathematics and the arts has been BRIDGES, a conference-gathering that was initiated by Reza Sarhanghi (1952-2016) in 1998.  

     Here, at the BRIDGES website, one may find information about the upcoming 2024 conference.  This website also offers -- via the link Papers Archive -- access to conference papers from 1998 to 2023.  

     Poetry became part of the conference in 2011 and, at the link Mathematical Poetry, we are taken to a website maintained by math-poet Sarah Glaz -- a website that offers access to a vast and wonderful collection of poems, anthologies, recordings, videos, . . .

   Below I include an anthology sample, a very fine poem by Deanna Nikaido from the Bridges Stockholm 2018 Anthology.

     Ratio     by Deanna Nikaido

          They say there are two sides to everything.  

          In math a way to compare--and yet
          small targets are no match
          for the heavy wound of words
          or loss of any kind.
          Tears are incalculable.

          Perhaps the invisible colon
          balancing this living
          is time itself
          and our relationship to it
          is based on some previous agreement
          made long before the constellations aligned
          whispering the equations we were meant to be.

          I can't say for certain
          though I've found that one
          seemingly insignificant glance
          or brief exchange of words
          can change an entire day.
          Reveal something hidden.
          Tip your life.

This link leads to my posting of another BRIDGES poem by Deanna Nikaido,.

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