Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Poetry at the Joint Mathematics Meetings

        During January 4-7, 2024, mathematics meetings were held in San Francisco, CA.  Although unable to attend, I have spent some time browsing abstracts of the presentations there and found several that involve poetry.  Suzanne Sumner of the University of Mary Washington, gave a presentation entitled "How Poetry Informs the History of Mathematics" and here is a link to the abstract for Sumner's presenation.

     From Sumner's abstract I learn that the ancient Sanskrit scholar Acharya Pingala was likely to have been the first to use Fibonacci numbers and Pascal's triangle in his poetry. Using this blog's SEARCH feature, I found this link to prior mentions of Fibonacci in this blog and this link to mentions of Pascal.

     Additional JMM poetry presentations included "Mādhava’s sophisticated spherical trigonometry in verse"  by  Aditya Kolachana (Indian Institute of Technology, Madras) with abstract at this link) and  "Oblique Strategies for Classroom Poetry" by Gizem Karaali (Pomona College) with abstract at this link.   Karaali is very active in math-arts connections; her co-editorship of JHM, Journal of Humanistic Mathematics, promotes wide celebration of mathematics and the arts.

Here, from  JHM is a FIB by Karaali:

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