Thursday, March 7, 2024

Celebrating Women who write Mathy Poems

       Now in March -- in Women's History Month -- many writers are taking a bit of extra time to explore the history and achievements of women.  It was my delight to find a March 6 posting here on the Poetry Blogging Network with a list of celebrated women in poetry that includes several writers of mathy poems.  Of the ten poets listed, the following five have been included in this blog -- in earlier postings.  For each, I include a mathy sample and the poet's name is linked to earlier postings that include their work.

     Adrienne Rich   from Planetarium 

             a woman      ‘in the snow     
             among the Clocks and instruments              
             or measuring the ground with poles  

            in her 98 years to discover    
            8 comets

     Audre Lorde     from Hanging Fire

            Nobody even stops to think
            about my side of it
            I should have been on Math Team
            my marks were better than his

     Joy Harjo          from Becoming Seventy

            when the days
            grew legs of night. 

     Tracy Smith          from Life on Mars

            Something creeps toward then, wanting
            To be felt, they feel it.  Then they jot down

            Equation after equation, smiling to one another,
            Lips sealed tight. 

     Amanda Gorman          from The Hill We Climb

           . . . we will never again sow division . . .

I am delighted when math language is widely spoken!

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