Monday, March 4, 2024

Multiple Meanings -- in Poetry, Math, and Jokes

     One of the challenging AND enriching qualities of both mathematics and poetry is the multiplicity of meanings that particular expressions may have. This quality also is found in jokes -- and in the Math Blog of MIT math-scholar Tanya Khovanova I recently enjoyed some entertaining mathy riddle-jokes and below I offer a sample: 

Here is a link to Khovanova's complete blog-posting.  Enjoy!

For biographical and contact information for Khovanova, here is a link to her webpage -- and here aa link to her poem "Nerdy Wedding" and, finally, a link to an earlier posting of her work in this blog.

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  1. What fun! Thanks for sharing, JoAnne. By the way, I have two mathy poems for kids in the STEM issue of TygerTyger magazine: