Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Symmetric squares

Sometimes we find meaning among disparate objects when they are juxtaposed. Here are nine words I have chosen because of the ways they are spelled. Using them to form two squares. Are my squares poems?

     S A F E
     A R E A
     F E A R
     E A R N

          O R A T E
          R E P E L
          A P E R S
          T E R S E
          E L S E S

The square is a poetic structure I like to use to focus my thoughts.  Here are links to some previous postings involving several types of squares: 7 May 2013, 25 March 201314 February 20132 June 201124 November 201015 November 201014 November 2010,   7 October 20109 June 2010.

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