Sunday, June 2, 2013

Geometry of distance

     Some of the poems herein arrive as gifts from friends.  Today's poem came via e-mail from Susan (a Californian whom I have gotten to know when she visits my neighbor, Priscilla).  Susan got it from Larry Robinson who connected me with the poet, Richard Retecki, for permission to post it here.
     As has been said in other contexts, It takes a village . . .    
     Thanks to you all!

     ascension           by Richard Retecki

               for Jonathan Glass

     the geometry
     of distance annoys
     is unfilled

     countless shapes fly about
     change form
     careen in other directions

     when motion stops
     what does the space contain?
     do we require an answer?

     it feels dangerous
     without movement

     images and memories
     slowly approach
     are here
     then gone

     hands held
     candles lit
     chaotic feelings
     rise and fall
     within love
     and loss

     ragged outline
     becomes more clear
     we must  go on

     so must you.

The poem is found in Retecki's collection Clouds Through Water (Small Poetry Press, 1995) .  Here is a link to more of  his work

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