Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Grandma Got STEM

     It was my good fortune last weekend to meet the sister-in-law of one of my neighbors, mathematician and Harvey Mudd professor, Rachel Levy.  Levy is also a blogger and her postings in Grandma Got STEM tell of achievements of women in science.
     I have looked for a poem to pair with my mention here of  Grandma Got STEMAlthough the following poem by Tami Haaland (found at the Poetry Foundation website) is not mathematical, it nicely brings to life a relationship between a grandmother and granddaughter -- and we wish for both of them "places to explore beyond the frame."

       Little Girl     by Tami Haaland

       She’s with Grandma in front
       of Grandma’s house, backed
       by a willow tree, gladiola and roses.

       Who did she ever want
       to please? But Grandma
       seems half-pleased and annoyed.

       No doubt Mother frowns
       behind the lens, wants
       to straighten this sassy face.

       Maybe laughs, too.
       Little girl with her mouth wide,
       tongue out, yelling

       at the camera. See her little
       white purse full of treasure,
       her white sandals?

       She has things to do,
       you can tell. Places to explore
       beyond the frame,

       and these women picking flowers
       and taking pictures.
       Why won’t they let her go?

“Little Girl” is found in  Haaland's collection, When We Wake in the Night (WordTech, 2012).

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