Friday, August 15, 2014

My best dream is floating . . .

     Today I want to urge you to visit several sites in addition to my blog.  For example, there is the recent announcement of 2014 Fields Medal (equivalent to a Nobel prize) winners -- the four winners include the first female mathematician (Maryam Mirzakhani) ever to be selected as a Fields Medalist (equivalent to a Nobel Prize) and a mathematician who loves poetry (Manjul Bhargava).    
     With the help of a "Google Alert" I found a YouTube video of Alexandria Marie reading "The Mathematics of Heartbreak" at a Dallas Poetry Slam.  A link in an email from Texas computer scientist,  Dylan Shell, alerted me to these mathematical lyrics (new words for old tunes) in a mathbabe posting by Cathy O'Neill.
     As we have been floating from topic to topic, it may be apt to end with the final stanza of my relevantly titled poem: 

from  Floating     by JoAnne Growney

            My best dream is floating
                    from number to number, but between two
                    are more.  Infinity in a moment.

The complete poem is available in my 2010 collection, Red Has No Reason (Plain View Press, 2010);  it also is found in the anthology, Strange Attractors:  Poems of Love and Mathematics (A K Peters, 2008).

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  1. Fascinated by Intersections. The crossing and re crossing of math and words - words and math.