Saturday, August 30, 2014

Mathy Poetry from Bridges 2014

     This year's math-arts conference, Bridges 2014, was in Korea.  And a dozen of us who write poetry-with-mathematics -- unable to attend in person -- worked with coordinator Sarah Glaz to offer (on August 16, hosted by Mike Naylor) a virtual reading of work videotaped in advance by the poets and edited into a coherent whole by Steve Stamps. 

     The virtual reading is here on YouTube. 

     Mathematician-poet participants (links are to poems posted in this blog)  include program coordinator, Sarah Glaz (Middletown, CT), poetry host Mike Naylor (Norway), Michael Bartholemew-Biggs (London), Tatiana Bonch-Osmolovskaya (Moscow), Marion Deutsche Cohen (Philadelphia), Emily Grosholz (Pennsylvania and Paris), JoAnne Growney (Silver Spring, MD), Geof Huth (Schenectady, NY), Lawrence (Larry) Lesser (El Paso, TX), Alice Major (Edmonton, AL), Eveline Pye (Scotland), Amy Uyematsu (Los Angeles).  Biographical information about the program, the coordinators, and the invited poets may be viewed here

     Alas, the names of the poets in the video are not linked to the points at which they start reading.  And yet one may not have time to listen to all at the same time.  My own reading of "My Dance Is Mathematics" and "Small Powers of Eleven are Palindromes" begins at 23:30; right after me you can enjoy Geof Huth's number poems and Larry Lesser's song lyrics.  Alice Major reads "Locate the Center" at 37:10.  Eveline Pye reads three poems related to teaching -- "Solving Problems," "Love of Algebra" and "Numerical Landscape" -- beginning at 47:20.  Closing poet Amy Uyematsu's "Mobius Strip" and "Infinity to the Nth Power" begin at 51:01.  And the beginning of the video offers continued variety with readers Emily Grosholz at 19:14; Sarah Glaz at 14:15; Marion Deutsch Cohen at 10:41; Tatiana Bonch-Osmolovskaya at 6:48; Michael Bartholemew-Biggs at 3:01. Many thanks to my twelve fellow-readers for poetry that I enjoy hearing time and time again.

     I close with a BIG THANK YOU to my neighbor, Mark Willey, who was the technical master who recorded my part of the reading.  Mark is musical director and organist at Spencerville Adventist Church along with a huge variety of other skills and interests.

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