Wednesday, July 17, 2019

An Ode to Mathematics

     One of the math-poets that I have met through this blog is Foteck Ivota, a mathematics teacher in the Cameroon.  In an email message, Ivota has offered this point of view:
       I love poetry too so much and I believe poetry  can be used as a means of making students love and develop interest in mathematics. As teachers of this beautiful subject we face a lot of challenges to make students perceive maths as easy and down to earth.   
     Ivota also has shared several poems with me; here is one of them:

      An Ode to Mathematics     by Foteck Ivota

       Your merits, maths, many may miss
       And in ignorance may dismiss
       Marvelous Maths that is life,
       Believing that all is strife.

                 Maths for you and Maths for me,
                 Maths, Maths and Maths for all,
                 Maths, Maths for everything.    

       Your alphabet’s zero to ten,
       Relating them well to men,
       Organizing different worlds,
       Integrating beyond words.

       For the sciences you’re speaker,
       And for high tech, grand leader.
       There’s no banking without you,
       Nor any business men may do.

       You direct the great sailor,
       You guide the famous tailor,
       You do raise grand architects,
       In highly tricky contexts.

The poet has offered this bio:
Thanks, Foteck Ivota, for your celebration of mathematics!

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