Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Euler's Vision -- in Verse

      Scheduled to be read at the Mathematical Association of Victoria's annual conference in December of this year is a poetical choral piece for eight voices entitled "Euler's Vision" -- composed by Tom Petsinis -- a Melbourne writer (poet, playwright, and novelist) and mathematician.  Here are the opening lines:
From "Euler's Vision" by Tom Petsinis
This verse play is not Petsinis' first mixing of math and poetry:  for example, his workshop paper  "Mathematics Through the Matrix of Poetry" -- presented at the BridgesMathArt Conference in Finland in 2016 -- opens with these words:
                    Over the years I have observed that student engagement with mathematics    
                    can be facilitated through the use  of fiction,  poetry  and  drama.
In that paper Petsinis goes on to argue carefully about the ways that mathematics and literature can enrich each other -- and also offers sonnets that he has written about Hypatia and Pascal.  (Here is a link to the article.)   Links to all posts in this blog that feature work by Petsinis may be found here.
     I first met Petsinis through his novel The French Mathematician (Berkley Books, 1998) -- which features Evariste Galois; His most recent novel is Quaternia (2016).   A long and wonderful list of math-fiction suggestions (including these works by Petsinis) is maintained here by Alex Kasman of the College of Charleston.
Tom Petsinis invites connections:  use tpvp55 at gmail.

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