Monday, July 22, 2019

Mathematicians are not just white dudes . . .

     Recently I found the wonderfully informative website arbitrarily close: musings on math and teaching -- my first visit to the site was to this 2016 posting about "The Mathematician's Project" -- a project and posting that offers lots of resources and links to introduce us to female mathematicians, black mathematicians, and more . . . 
     The following lines are from a puzzle-poem by mathematician-poet Benjamin Banneker -- a non-white dude; the sample has been obtained from a website that celebrates Banneker -- a website compiled by Washington, DC high school teacher John Mahoney.  These lines come from Puzzle 5:

A snip from a puzzle by Benjamin Banneker

     Another black mathematician-poet (and still living and writing) is Scott Williams.  And one of his mathematical poems (which involves the Cantor set) is posted here.  This blog has had numerous postings that speak of math-women; a blog-search using "women mathematician" led to this link to a list of postings.
     Here are a few sentences that introduce "The Mathematician's Project."

Go here to learn more.

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