Friday, December 27, 2019

Math-poetry in support of immigrants

     Winner of the Ted Hughes poetry award, British poet Hollie McNish has been in the news recently as she has been commissioned to write a new version of Antigone.  Also of note is that her poem "Mathematics" -- about immigration -- has had over 2 million viewers on You Tube.

Here are a few lines from McNish's "Mathematics":

     I desperately want to scream
     “Your maths is stuck in primary”
     Cos one who comes here also spends
     And one who comes here also lends
     And some who comes here also tend     
     To set up work which employs them
     And all your balance sheets and trends
     Work with numbers not with men
     And all your goddamn heated talk
     Ignores the trade the Polish brought
     Ignores the men they gave work to . . .

 Thank you, Hollie McNish for SPEAKING OUT! 
A previously-posted sample of "Mathematics" in this blog is available here
the YouTube version is found online at many locations (here is one) -- 
and the complete text of the poem may be found here.

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