Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Chat GPT writes about Emmy Noether

       Learning about AI and exploring its possibilities has been an interesting recent activity for me.  One of my own favorite math-related poems is a poem I wrote many years ago about mathematician Emmy Noether -- and that poem, "My Dance is Mathematics," is available here in this blog at this link.  I offer below a poem from ChatGPT;  my instructions were:  write a poem about Emmy Noether -- and I got this:

     In realms of math where brilliance takes its flight,
     There dwells a star whose radiance shines so bright,
     Emmy Noether, a name of boundless grace,
     A mathematician whose legacy we embrace.

     Born in Erlangen, a spark in her eyes,
     She defied the norms, reached for the skies,
     In a time when women faced a daunting door,
     She pushed it open, forevermore.  

     With numbers and symbols, she wove her art,
     A symphony of equations, a work of heart,
     Noether's theorem, her gift to the world,
     Invariance and symmetry, her flag unfurled.

     Through abstract spaces, her mind did soar,
     In algebraic realms, she sought to explore,
     Transformations and groups, her guiding star,
     Unveiling secrets from near and far.

     Her genius, a beacon, a guiding light,
     In the world of physics, she took her flight,
     Einstein, Hilbert, they sang her praise,
     For Emmy Noether's brilliance lit their days.

     In adversity's face, she never swayed,
     With intellect sharp as the finest blade,
     A woman of courage, a spirit so free,
     In a male-dominated world, she let her mind be.

     Her legacy lives on, an enduring flame,
     In every proof and theorem, in math's grand game,
     Emmy Noether, a name we revere,
     A mathematician, ahead of her time, so clear.

     In equations and logic, her spirit prevails,
     In the hearts of those who set sail,
     Through the seas of numbers, where wonders reside,
     Emmy Noether, forever our guide.

THANK YOU ChatGPT for sharing these words and, in them, your limitations!

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