Saturday, September 30, 2023

Geometry in Poetry

     Poet Marian Christie's blog, Poetry and Mathematics -- found at -- is a website I much enjoy visiting; there I learn many many new things.  (Here is a link that leads to a list of my previous postings that feature Christie and her work.)

    The idea that the shape of a poem may be part of its message is not new -- but Christie has brought more than line-length and syllable-count into the picture and today I focus on her Circular Poems 

A Circular poem by Marian Christie
The diagram above above I first read as "STILL ROCKS HOLD STORIES" -- but Christie's presentation guides me to see more:
Reflecting on the lines I want to add, MOVING ROCKS TELL STORIES . . . but soon I move back to Christie's words and to my delight in the the way that she has used spatial arrangement to form poetry.  I close with another of her circles:
How do YOU read this poem?
For lots more great ideas, visit Christie's blog Poetry and Mathematics -- found at .

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