Monday, September 25, 2023

Poetry on the Side . . .

     My friend Gregory Coxson (engineering professor at the US Naval Academy) is an explorer of new ideas and I enjoy his frequent emails that share his discovered math-poetry connections.  Recently Coxson introduced me to the website of retired Virginia Tech professor Ezra Brown and, following the link Inspirational and Fun Stuff, I found this interesting collection of number-related Haiku --  beginning with a recollection of September 11. 

Day of Horror

There is no doubt that
on September Eleventh
God sat down and cried.

“I worked hard…”

Bach was prolific:
One thousand compositions
and twenty children.  

“…and so did I.”

Prolific Euler:  
Eight hundred eighty papers
and thirteen children.


Girl. Boy. Sparks just flew.
And fifty-eight years later
we’re still going strong.


Tell me life’s secret,
he asked. Is it having more?
No: just wanting less.

Copyright © 2005 by Ezra Brown. All rights reserved.

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